Devendra Banhart
Liberty Trade Show
“A tropical entropy seemed to prevail,” Joan Didion wrote in Miami, “defeating grand schemes even as they were realized….A certain liquidity suffused everything about the place”

The Fall Winter 2015 collection borrows the pallet and moods of a stormy South Florida sunset: the color of the ocean as it reflects the last light through churned sand and seafoam and a heavy cloud front moves over head. Pastel lavenders and peaches of sunset poke through the grey cumulous walls that rapidly form and disperse, seemingly in tune with the dissonant realities of a frenetic city always changing.  The air thick with the smell of recently paved asphalt, a city always changing,  heated from the day now wet with heavy rainy. Headlights reflect off its oily black sheen as swirling greys above mix like the frenetic dissonance of the city.

The fabrics collected for this collection channel this simultaneous heavy tumultuousness and lightness at once. Organic French terry, plush fleeces, heavy combed cotton, and organic micro fiber bamboos that layer with ease.

“The famous new skyline, which, floating as it did between a mangrove swamp and a barrier reef, had a kind of perilous attraction, like a mirage.”
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